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Negligence In The Intensive Care Unit

In the intensive care unit (ICU), doctors and other medical professionals are regularly required to make life-or-death decisions, often at a moment’s notice. However, this is no excuse for negligence. When one of the highly trained staff members at an ICU fails to live up to the accepted standard of care and the result is harm to a patient, the patient has the right to seek compensation and hold the negligent party accountable.

At Munday & Nathan in Chicago, we have the experience, skill and resources to handle these complex medical malpractice claims. Since 1991, our attorneys have represented injured patients throughout Illinois and nationwide. We have earned a reputation for results thanks to many multimillion-dollar, headline-making victories on behalf of victims of negligence.

Misdiagnosis In The ICU

Many of the errors that happen in a hospital or health care facility’s ICU involve misdiagnosis of a serious medical condition. In these situations, the course of treatment provided is based on one condition, and the treatment may actually cause further damage while the actual, undiagnosed condition remains untreated. The misdiagnosis can result in brain injury or another type of severe injury, or wrongful death in the most serious cases.

But Was It Medical Malpractice?

What makes ICU negligence cases so complex is distinguishing whether the injury or death was the result of the severe condition that brought the patient to the ICU in the first place, or whether the issue was the result of the action or failure to take action of ICU staff. Our lawyers will work with leading experts as necessary to investigate and get to the truth.

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