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What are some of the most common types of car crashes?

Recent data published by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) suggests that three of the most common types of car crashes are rear-end, front-end and side-impact ones. They suggest that each of these common accidents can be avoided by motorists knowing how they occur and taking precautions to avoid them.

Rear-end crashes

What parents should know about Erb's palsy

Many expectant mothers experience some level of anxiety over the labor and delivery process. However, because their doctors specialize in identifying potential problems and lowering the risk, most mothers and their babies will come through the birthing process with little or no long-term physical issues. The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons notes doctors often may be able to identify and prevent the risks that cause an infant to suffer Erb's palsy.

Palsy simply means weakness, and in this case, the weakness comes from nerve damage near the baby's neck. The bundle of nerves there is the brachial plexus, which gives the body the ability to move and feel the shoulder, arm, hand and fingers. Consequently, when those nerves sustain injury, an infant may not be able to move or feel those parts of the body. 

Maternal injury and mortality rates are increasing in the U.S.

A recent USA Today investigation revealed that the United States now ranks as the most dangerous developed country for pregnant women to give birth in. Each year as many as 700 mothers die during childbirth. Another 50,000 women suffer serious injuries either beforehand or afterwards.

Their research also shows that two of the conditions most apt to cause American women complications during childbirth include extreme blood loss or high blood pressure.

How can improving medical education reduce doctor's errors?

Each year, at least a quarter of a million individuals die as a result of medical malpractice. At least 2.5 million are injured in similar types of incidents.

Data published by the National Institutes of Health in 2007 suggested that 43 percent of such instances take place right in a physician's office. A new study published by a professor and doctor at Boston University School of Medicine suggests that reducing the occurrence rate of such incidents may start with improving the education medical professionals receive.

Cook County to pay $6.5 million to settle a surgical error case

The Illinois State Attorney's Office requested permission from Cook County administrators on July 24 to go ahead and settle a 2013 medical malpractice case for $6.5 million. The family of a 55-year-old Chicago woman had brought a lawsuit against the Stoger Hospital soon after she died from a botched pacemaker surgery.

While it is not common practice for the State Attorney's Office to be asked to step on issues such as this, it was necessary due to unique circumstances in this case. The sitting State Attorney is listed as a partner at the firm representing the plaintiff. Cook County codes prohibit the payment of lawsuit awards to individuals with certain relationships with the county.

What are some common injuries customers sue for?

It's the responsibility of a business owner to keep their premises free from any potential hazardous situations that may cause an individual to get hurt. If they don't, then they risk being sued for medical costs, lost wages and other expenses that either a customer or worker may accumulate because of their injuries.

Sidewalks are one of the places where customers or employees are most apt to get hurt. Some of the reasons that they slip and fall on them is because the pavement is uneven, they're cluttered or snow or ice is not removed.

When your auto accident results in catastrophic burns

As an Illinois driver, you likely face the hazards of our roads and highways on a daily basis. You also likely seldom think about the dangers you face, including the possibility of suffering catastrophic burns in a car wreck. Nevertheless, such accidents happen all too frequently. In 2016 alone, 3,275 Americans died in fiery crashes.

Unfortunately, your car contains many things that can catch fire and many surfaces that can become hot enough to cause you to sustain severe burns during a crash. In fact, you can suffer the following four different kinds of burns:

  1. Thermal burns resulting from the fire’s flames or a hot surface inside your car
  2. Scald burns resulting from gasoline or another of your car’s hot liquids
  3. Chemical burns resulting from one of your car’s caustic fluids such as oil, antifreeze, or transmission or steering fluid
  4. Electrical burns resulting from one of your car’s electrical wires or a power line from a utility pole knocked down in the accident

Doctors misdiagnose skin cancer more often than machines do

A recent study published in Annals of Oncology, a cancer journal, chronicles how skin cancer diagnoses tend to be more accurate when they're made via artificial intelligence devices rather than by dermatologists.

In order to reach this conclusion, researchers from the University of Heidelberg used a deep learning machine called the convolutional neural network (CNN) to observe moles. In the end, over 100,000 slides of these growths were analyzed alongside their diagnoses.

Doctors are to uphold standards of care when treating patients

There are three primary factors that judges will often instruct a jury to keep in mind when deciding medical malpractice cases: the defendant's duty of care, the "reasonable person" standard and the standard of care.

Duty of care

Botched spine surgery lawsuit winnings vary depending on injuries

Durotomy is a type of complication that many lumbar spine surgery patients experience when the dura, or the thick membrane that surrounds their spinal cord, is torn. A study published in June in the medical journal Spine highlights just how often it is that incidental durotomy injuries are to blame in medical malpractice lawsuits filed in the United States.

Of a total of 48 cases reviewed, 87.6 percent of the victims alleged that they'd suffered neurological impairments as a result of their durotomy injuries. In just over 56 percent of all these cases, the juries charged with deciding if the doctors were indeed negligent ultimately decided that they weren't.

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