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Can 'textalyzer' software curb distracted driving crashes?

Mobile technology company Cellebrite is working to develop software that may help police determine if a motorist's distracted driving may have led to him or her becoming involved in a car crash.

The name that's been assigned to this new technology is "textalyzer." Once rolled out, it will reportedly allow police officers a way to conduct a scan on a driver's cellphone to see if he or she was using it in the moments just before and even during a car crash.

AbbVie wins a medical malpractice lawsuit, others on appeal

The north-Chicago drug manufacturer AbbVie recently won one small victory in one medical malpractice case. The lawsuit involving its low-testosterone drug AndroGel was resolved in late January. A jury concluded that one 72-year-old plaintiff's pulmonary embolism was not caused by the drug. This one success falls short from absolving them of all negligence, however.

In recent months, two other lawsuits were filed after the plaintiffs experienced heart attacks after using the drug. Both of these lawsuits have resulted in the plaintiffs being awarded $140 and $150 million settlements. AbbVie has already requested and had a federal judge agree to a new trial for one of those cases and an appeal is pending in the other.

3 common types of premises liability cases

If you suffer an injury on a property belonging to someone else, you may be able to file a premises liability lawsuit. According to Illinois law, property owners have a responsibility to ensure their environments are free of defective or unsafe conditions. If a property owner knows or should know about a dangerous condition and neglects to remedy it, you could become a victim.

In this case, you can sue the property owner for negligence and get compensation for your injury. Here are some common examples of accidents and injuries that often lead to premises liability case.

Podiatrists often fall short in justifying ordering surgery

The reasons podiatry patients sue their doctors are very much the same as they would any other type of physician.

If a procedure is recommended, then, as patients, we want to know what the benefits of having the procedure done are. We also want to have a realistic expectation of the potential adverse effects of moving forward with it. If some kind of surgical error occurs, then, as patients, we want to trust our doctors enough to tell us what happened.

A Plainfield man is killed by an alleged drunk driver along I-355

A Plainfield man has been arrested and charged with driving under the influence (DUI) for his role in causing the death of another area resident during a four-car crash along Interstate 355 on Saturday, Jan. 20.

Dispatchers with the Illinois State Police (ISP) first started receiving reports of a crash along the southbound portion of I-355 in Will County shortly after 1:52 a.m., that fateful morning.

A bartender dies after falling down a Loyola Station staircase

The Cook County Medical Examiner's Office has ruled that a bartender, who was found unresponsive at the base of a staircase at Chicago Transit Authority's (CTA) Loyola station on Jan. 13, died in an accidental fall.

The 48-year-old Edgewater Glen resident was found just after 5 a.m. that morning at the station, located at 1208 W. Loyola Ave. When he was discovered, he was unconscious and bleeding from the head. He was later transported to Evanston's Presence St. Francis Hospital where he passed away later at 12:50 p.m. on Jan. 17.

It's important to seek a second opinion after a cancer scare

If you or a loved one have ever received a cancer diagnosis, then you likely understand that it's not the oncologist who diagnoses someone as having cancer, but instead the pathologist that you're likely to never meet.

The oncologist merely plays the role of messenger, relaying the results of your biopsy to you. It's the pathologist that takes your sample, carefully studies it under a microscope and determines whether a mass is either malignant or benign. The role of the oncologist is to tell you about different treatment options and to hopefully get you started with one of them so that return to being more like yourself once again.

“Patient dumping” victimizes vulnerable patients

When you or a loved one visit the emergency room, you expect quality care. You would also expect that when it is time for your discharge, the medical staff would make sure you had a safe ride home or a place to go. Unfortunately, this is not always the case for those who visit hospitals in Illinois and elsewhere. A recent story has brought the seldom-heard-about issue of “patient dumping” to the public’s awareness.

In the story, reported by The Washington Post, a man took a video of a woman who was left outside a hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, in freezing winter temperatures. The woman appeared confused and unable to function, and was wearing only socks and a hospital gown. After the man called authorities, the woman was readmitted to the hospital, then later sent to a homeless shelter, where her family came to pick her up. Reportedly, the young woman had a mental illness and had been missing for two weeks.

What are the most commonly misdiagnosed cancers confused for?

Data released by The Health Foundation suggests that at least one in every 20 American adults will be affected by a diagnostic error during their lifetime. Another study, published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, suggests that every American will be faced with dealing with a single misdiagnosis during the course of his or her life.

Of all the different medical conditions that can be misdiagnosed, cancer can prove fatal if not caught early.

Who can I sue if I fall on an icy sidewalk?

In a city like Chicago, where getting around requires residents to walk virtually everywhere, slipping on icy sidewalks is definitely a real concern. If you've ever experienced a slip and fall, then you're likely aware just how serious the injuries that may result can be. Fortunately, in many cases, you can sue either the owner of the business or home who failed to properly maintain his or her property.

No matter if you slip and fall in a parking lot, on the sidewalk, on the stairs or in the driveway of a commercial or residential property, you may be entitled to sue its owner for any injuries you receive. Whether you're able to sue depends greatly on where the fall occurred, why you were there, and other circumstances surrounding your fall.

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