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Client Reviews

“When my mother unexpectedly passed away at the hospital from an intestinal failure after being admitted for an unrelated orthopedic injury, my family and I were searching for answers. We were worried that our beloved mom did not receive the proper care and attention she needed and deserved. At first, we were hesitant to contact an attorney to determine whether we might have a malpractice claim, but we decided to go with Munday & Nathan and are so grateful that we did. The attorneys and staff at Munday & Nathan listened to our story with compassion and concern. They took the time and care to understand our family and the tragic situation we went through. Throughout the legal case, the attorneys and staff communicated openly and honestly. They explained the important steps and their recommendations in the process to guide our family through a difficult time period in our lives. In the end, Munday & Nathan was able to deliver an excellent resolution on the case that solidified our concerns about the medical treatment our mother received. They provided closure for my siblings and I, and obtained fair financial recovery to end a difficult time in our lives. Our whole family is so grateful to the attorneys of Munday & Nathan for their hard work on our case and amazing outcome for us!”
– Lori R.

“Munday & Nathan artfully guided me through the maze of legal processes, providing wisdom, care and perspective during the most difficult time of my life both physically and emotionally. I am grateful to them for incisively managing the complex details and securing a settlement that has already helped me pay for the additional medical care I needed. I would choose Munday & Nathan again in a heartbeat.”
– Sally S.

“Munday & Nathan did the best they could for me and my family. In fact, the settlement was reached more quickly than I expected and was a fair result for what my family and I went through. I would refer anyone that found themselves in my situation to Munday & Nathan.”
– Joseph M.

“The firm of Munday & Nathan approached our case with the utmost respect, honesty and high integrity. Their firm worked tirelessly devoting hours and vast resources to ensure that our family and most importantly, our child with special needs were well represented. We truly appreciate the support and professionalism their law firm offered our family in a time of need.”
– Kris K. and Jim K.

“There are not enough superlatives to describe Munday & Nathan. They are legally astute, experienced, compassionate and an excellent negotiators. We asked Munday & Nathan to handle our claim with the caveat that we did not want to wait for a trial. Due to their knowledge of the players and their reputation with them, Munday & Nathan was able to quickly achieve a settlement beyond our expectations.”
– John R. and Linda R.

“My paralyzed mother has a home that is totally accessible to her, and she has bought herself a house on a lake in Indiana. That’s her little piece of heaven. She is so grateful to the attorneys at Munday & Nathan and all who helped her. Thank you for all you have done for her and me. We will always be grateful.”
– Cindy P.

“When it seemed like others weren’t interested in helping, Munday and Nathan listened and stood by us throughout a long, difficult, and ultimately successful process.”
– Marco and Betsy R.

“I knew that Munday & Nathan was truly interested in helping me to obtain the medical care that I deserved and the compensation for the pain and suffering I had experienced. I feel that the entire time that my attorneys represented me that they did so because first and foremost they cared about my health and well-being. They were committed to making sure that I would receive a settlement that would not only cover the medical bills that I had accumulated, but also compensation for my pain and suffering as well as for future issues that may arise. In summary, Munday & Nathan are outstanding lawyers who are very caring, articulate, professional and empathetic and who I have and will continue to recommend to people in need of legal services.”
– Becki E.

“Munday & Nathan is not just a law office, but as a group lends a pleasant degree of elegance to the legal profession. Your firm put to rest any preconceptions I had of lawyers. It is a great legal office with a heart. You are a warm and most professional group of legal specialists. My wife Mary and I are very happy to have chosen Munday & Nathan as our legal firm! You went out of your way to help us and we are truly blessed to have you on our side.”
– Robert C.

“It is with deep appreciation I want to Thank You for your kindness, patience and above all precious time. It is quite a rarity in this time to find such caring individuals.”
– Marie D.

“Thank you and your firm for the fine work you did in representing our family. You helped bring some proper closure to this sad event in our lives.”
– James C.

“You went above and beyond in representing our family, and we cannot thank you enough. We were very lucky to have found you, and we appreciate the compassionate way that you helped us through a very difficult time.”
– Valerie D.