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Representative Cases: Our Reputation For Results Record Of Success

We have successfully resolved hundreds of cases, helping to obtain justice, closure and financial security for our clients. These cases include the following.

Motor Vehicle / Trucking

  • A toddler was hit and killed by a teenage driver who was found to be under the influence of marijuana. We obtained a settlement for the full amount of the driver’s insurance limits prior to filing a lawsuit.
  • A semi-truck driver sustained multiple injuries after another semi-truck driver entered traffic from the shoulder of a highway at a very slow speed, causing an accident. The case went to trial where the jury decided that the accident was the fault of the driver on the shoulder, and awarded a seven-figure verdict to compensate our client for his injuries and damages.
  • A woman was riding her bicycle to work when a car turned directly in front of her to enter a driveway. The woman sustained multiple injuries to her back, neck and head. The driver settled the case prior to trial.

Medical Negligence

  • A middle-aged man underwent a surgical procedure and after the surgery was successfully completed, his nurse administered pain medication beyond what had been ordered by his physician causing the patient/client to stop breathing. The patient/client suffered severe brain damage as a result of the medication error. The case was resolved during a pre-trial settlement conference with a multi-million settlement.
  • A 24-year-old pregnant woman presents to a hospital that allows family practitioners to perform deliveries, including, with consultations, high-risk deliveries. When the obstetric resident and the family practitioner mistakenly each assumed that the other was monitoring the fetal monitoring strips, the child suffered profound respiratory distress prior to delivery. As a result, the child was delivered with significant brain damage, injuries for which settlement was reached.
  • A 54-year-old man who suffered a brain injury due to a post-operative bleeding complication filed a lawsuit against a vascular surgeon who had failed to discover and treat the condition in a timely manner. We were able to obtain a significant seven-figure settlement before a trial date was scheduled.
  • An 80-year-old woman had one of her legs removed because a surgeon failed to timely perform surgery to restore blood flow after a complication during knee replacement surgery. We filed a lawsuit against the surgeon, who did not make any offers to settle, and we obtained a jury verdict in favor of the patient.
  • A 34-year-old woman presented to her obstetrician for general prenatal care where she undergoes a Group B streptococcus test. When the positive Group B streptococcus test goes unrecognized, the mother subsequently delivers her baby who demonstrates signs of infection after delivery. Before the positive Group B streptococcus test is discovered, the child suffered meningitis and brain damage. Munday & Nathan was able to settle the case.
  • When a 58-year-old woman died of metastatic breast cancer, her daughter came to Munday & Nathan seeking advice. During Munday & Nathan’s investigation it appeared from her medical records that the woman had three prior mammograms which were negative during the previous five years, and that she also had refused mammograms and manual examinations. However, the daughter had accompanied her mother to each physician visit and informed Munday & Nathan that in fact no mammograms or manual breast examinations had ever been performed. We proceeded with litigation only to discover that the mammograms that were allegedly performed were fraudulent with mammogram identification numbers that were for a date after the woman had already passed away. Further examination by forensic evidence revealed that the responsible physician had altered his medical records. The physician’s license was subsequently revoked, and the case was settled.
  • A middle-aged woman filed a lawsuit against her gynecologist when he failed to provide her with less invasive treatment options before performing a hysterectomy, and she suffered urinary complications from the surgery. We reached a settlement on behalf of the patient for the full amount of the doctor’s available insurance policy.

Local Governments

  • An elderly woman fell on missing pavers while she was entering a CTA station. The woman broke her hip, requiring surgery to repair the fracture. We were able to settle the lawsuit with the responsible parties.
  • A high school football player suffered a permanent knee injury during practice when a motorized cart driven by a student athletic trainer hit him on the playing field. We successfully mediated a case against the school district, overcoming the local government immunity defenses.
  • A 20-year-old man’s vehicle struck a square-shaped hole in the road that was obscured by snow, causing him to lose control of the vehicle and crash. He suffered a fractured leg and below-the-knee amputation. We filed suit against the city where the incident occurred, finding evidence that the hole was possibly created by a city employee, and obtained a life-changing pre-trial settlement.

Construction / Worksite Accidents

  • A drywall laborer experienced a permanent back injury during construction of a building after stepping on two pieces of unbound, loose copper plumbing pipe that had been left in a hallway. We filed a lawsuit against the general contractor and plumbing subcontractor and secured a seven-figure settlement prior to trial.
  • A 32-year-old man was killed while installing low-voltage electrical wiring in a retail store, when he suffered an electrical shock from high-voltage wiring that had been left uncapped and exposed in the ceiling, causing him to fall from his ladder to his death. We filed suit against the retail store, and successfully mediated a settlement that provided financial security for the man’s widow and their young son.

Products Liability

  • A factory worker suffered traumatic crush injuries to her hand, resulting in multiple fractures, second-degree burns, and amputation of parts of three fingers when her hand got caught in a machine that had been designed and installed without adequate safety guarding and warnings. We were able to secure a mediated settlement with the manufacturer of the machine prior to trial.
  • Three people were electrocuted at a bus stop when an improperly installed electrical cable fell during a storm, landing in a large puddle of water. The bus patrons could not see the electrical cable and attempted to board the bus when they were electrocuted. This matter was settled for a substantial sum of money to compensate the victims.
  • A large sport-utility-vehicle transporting four people and a significant amount of water bottles rolled over killing three of the passengers and leaving the fourth permanently disabled. We were able to uncover evidence that the tires for the vehicle were not sufficient to support the vehicle’s weight when carrying the advertised acceptable amount of weight, and the parking brake was improperly designed so that the brake cable would be severed when a tire came into contact with it. Due to these discoveries, we successfully achieved a settlement with the manufacturers for the family of one of the young women killed in the crash.

Premises Liability / Falls

  • A 40-year-old woman fell on a clear patch of ice located directly outside the covered entrance of a major retail store and suffered a permanent back injury. A significant pre-trial settlement was obtained after we uncovered evidence that the store was previously made aware of holes in its roof causing water and ice to form on the walkway directly below, and failed to repair the roof or provide warnings of the dangerous condition.
  • A painter working in an auto dealership’s garage fell approximately 20-feet and sustained multiple fractures, a torn ACL, and internal bleeding. The dealership’s employees had not de-activated the automatic garage door opener for the overhead garage door, and its employee drove a car over an air-hose triggering the door to open and strike the top of the man-lift holding the painter, causing the fall. We filed a lawsuit against the auto dealership, and reached a mediated settlement in favor of the painter prior to trial.
  • A middle-aged woman fell at a grocery store and injured her back when she slipped in a puddle of water that was leaking from the roof. The grocery store denied any knowledge of problems with the roof, however, we discovered that they had been warned they needed a new roof as it had previously leaked in the same area. The case was settled after successful mediation.
  • A woman was riding her bicycle when she encountered a portion of the bike path that had been ripped out, causing her to fall and sustain multiple injuries. A utility company had destroyed a portion of the path in order to repair underground cables. The company did not properly repair the path, nor did the place any barricades to warn riders of the condition. The parties mediated the case and a settlement was reached.

Other Catastrophic Events

  • A tri-athlete died during participation of a nationally recognized triathlon event. Due to more participants in the event than were reported to the appropriate park district, there were not enough lifeguards available to observe the participants during the swim portion of the event. The defendant did not inform the relevant municipal authority of the correct number of participants and the tri-athlete unfortunately drowned during the event. The case was successfully resolved by settlement.
  • When a driver approached a curve at a slightly excessive rate of speed, he lost control of his vehicle and struck an oncoming vehicle driven by a woman who was nine months pregnant in a head-on collision. There were not adequate warnings to motorists of the curve. The impact severed the umbilical cord that caused profound brain injury to the unborn child. Expert opinion against the municipality asserted that the warning of the impending curve should have been placed approximately 300 feet in front of the curve. The case ultimately resolved by way of settlement.
  • A bicyclist was riding in downtown Chicago when he was struck by an open car door and suffered a fractured hip that required surgery and extensive physical therapy. The bicyclist suffered permanent impairments as a result of the incident including a left leg that is now shorter than his right. In a sharply disputed case, Munday & Nathan was able to obtain a settlement on the bicyclist’s behalf prior to a trial.