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Five ways to maximize your compensation in a personal injury case

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2023 | personal injury, PERSONAL INJURY - Personal Injury

A car accident can upend life as you know it, leaving you struggling to figure out how to cope with the physical pain and suffering that’s been dealt to you and find a way to navigate the treatment that you hope will lead to a full recovery.

On top of that, the financial harm caused to you can be significant. Your savings can quickly erode, resulting in instability and uncertainty as medical bills and other debts come due.

Although all of that can be stressful, a personal injury lawsuit might provide you with the relief that you need. That said, in order to win your case you’re going to have to prove not only liability but also the full extent of your damages.

How can you maximize the recovery from your personal injury lawsuit?

There’s no guarantee that you’ll win your case and recover compensation. But if you want to increase your chances and maximize your ability to recover the resources you need, then you should consider doing each of the following:

  1. Retain evidence: You’re going to need evidence to prove the full extent of your damages. Therefore, you’ll want to do everything you can to preserve evidence that speaks to the harm caused to you. This includes retaining medical records, but it also means finding a way to document your injuries and their impact on your life, such as by taking pictures and keeping a journal.
  2. Follow through with all treatment recommendations: A lot of the financial recovery seen in a personal injury case focuses on incurred and anticipated medical expenses. The latter is going to be hard to prove if you don’t follow up with the treatment your doctor recommends. In fact, skipping doctor appointments and treatment may give the impression that your injuries aren’t as serious as you claim them to be.
  3. Don’t rush to settle: The defense might offer you an enticing settlement pretty early on in your case. Although the amount at hand might seem significant, you should carefully analyze it in light of the damages that you’ve suffered. Oftentimes this initial offer is low. By explaining your justification for denying the offer, you might set the stage for productive and favorable negotiations.
  4. Refrain from using social media: Posting on social media might give you an outlet, but it can also put your legal claim at risk. All too often defense attorneys twist social media posts out of context to make car accident victims look less injured than they are. Fortunately, you can avoid this risk altogether by skipping social media. If you do post, though, then you’ll need to be careful with how you’re portraying yourself and your injuries.
  5. Build a strong case for liability: If you have strong evidence pertaining to the defendant’s liability, then you’re going to be in a stronger position to negotiate for the settlement that you need. So, make sure you’re gathering witness statements, obtaining police reports, and talking to any experts whose testimony might be consequential in your case.

Don’t wait to start developing your personal injury case

A car accident personal injury lawsuit might serve as the financial lifeline that you need in your time of struggle. But even those cases that seem simple and straightforward can be complicated by legal nuances and unexpected challenges. That’s why it’s a good idea to start developing your case now. By doing so, you might be better positioned to counter the defense’s arguments and protect your ability to recover the compensation that you need.