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New Lenox obstetrician sued for botched delivery of a baby

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2018 | Firm News, medical malpractice

A lawsuit was filed against a New Lenox obstetrician on May 29 in the 12th Judicial Circuit Court in Will County. In the filing, a 32-year-old Minooka woman accuses her physician of having left her body in poor condition after delivering her child in 2016. She’s requesting damages in excess of $50,000.

In the woman’s filing, she chronicles how she chose to have the doctor deliver her child at Silver Cross Hospital after reading rave reviews about him on Google. She was equally impressed by the wording used on his practice’s website. There, it spoke of him being trusted by thousands of female patients to take care of them over the years. It also referred to him as being immensely compassionate and caring.

The woman also chronicles how she saw the defendant during the latter part of her pregnancy in 2015 and in 2016 until she delivered her child. Despite having seen her on various occasions, she maintains that he rushed into performing an episiotomy on her when she was set to deliver her baby.

She claims that the doctor made no effort to assess whether or not the episiotomy was necessary. She argues that he then failed to surgically repair the laceration once the child was born as well.

The plaintiff contends that, because of the doctor’s negligence in diagnosing and treating her during and after the delivery, she’s since suffered both “grievous” and severe injuries. She notes that, while many of them have been temporary, others she suspects will be permanent ones.

In her filing, she also suggests that the injuries that she suffered were not all physical ones. While she speaks of nervous system discomfort, she also references having suffered with self-esteem issues and other emotional or mental health issues because of her injuries. She claims that she’s experienced a loss of consortium as well.

The plaintiff has requested for a judge to have a jury to decide liability in this case.

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