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Rush University Medical Center is sued for a boy’s brain damage

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2018 | Firm News, medical malpractice

Several physicians and nurses employed by Rush University Medical Center are named as defendants in a lawsuit filed against both them and their employer in the Northern Illinois District Court on Tuesday, April 3. The four doctors, two nurses and – *-hospital all stand accused of having played a role in causing medical errors that ultimately left a baby boy disabled following his birth in 2007.

According to the complaint, the now 11-year-old boy, experiences both cortical blindness and spastic quadriplegia as a result of having suffered permanent brain damage before and during his delivery.

In the filing, it chronicles how the medical staff responsible for the care of both mother and child neglected to closely monitor them and perform a timely delivery. It also captures how no one ever identified warning signs that her baby was in danger. The plaintiff notes that no one sought out a second opinion about her care nor did the medical team responsible for her care take precautions to prevent her unborn son’s injuries.

The child’s parents contend that Rush neglected to provide both its physicians and nurses with adequate training as to how to deal with similar situations to what she was experiencing. They note that the hospital didn’t provide adequate oversight over staff either.

In the lawsuit, the boy’s parents contend that all of this resulted in him being deprived of oxygen, thus resulting in his brain damage.

According to the family, the boy is currently unable to take proper care of himself. The family’s bills have exceeded $75,000. They’re likely to climb depending on how much attention he needs in the future.

A recent Medscape study suggests that at least 55 percent of all doctors are sued for negligence during their careers. Obstetricians, surgeons and gynecologists are top three types of physicians that get sued.

If you’ve suffered an injury or illness at the hands of your health care provider, then a Chicago medical malpractice attorney can advise you of legal options that you may be eligible to pursue in your case.

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