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Why Christmas can be a dangerous holiday

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2017 | Firm News

For many people, the thought of Christmas conjures memories of satisfying food, deep naps, good football and stimulating conversation with friends and family members.

For other people, though, Christmas has been a holiday that resulted in personal injuries. Here are some ways in which this could happen to anyone.


Traffic during Christmas is high in many areas of the country. All it takes is one moment of driver distraction for a serious injury to result. Also, some people drive high or intoxicated, posing a danger to themselves and to others on the road. The weeks before Christmas can be especially risky, as longtime friends meet at bars to chat and catch up on one another’s lives.


Whether you are hosting or staying with a loved one, there is likely to be a lot of entertaining going on. Unfortunately, bad food could enter the picture. So could other defective products such as ladders or even candles. You have gone out of your way to buy these products for your guests or your hosts, and then they go wrong or are handled incorrectly. In fact, food poisoning and turkey fryer burns are fairly common.


Even the shopping aspect before Christmas can be risky. Say that you are heading to the nearest grocery store to pick up some wine for Christmas dinner. Lots of other shoppers are there, and the store is crowded. A drink gets spilled, but busy staff members do not clean it up right away. Thus, there is a risk for a slip-and-fall injury.

And, of course, there is holiday shopping with its well-documented history of frayed tempers and more. Plus, stores do not always take the care that they should. For example, a store might not set up a secure and safe way to channel customers, putting them at risk of getting crushed as they enter.