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6 Chicago hospitals receive an ‘A’ in terms of patient safety

On Behalf of | May 3, 2017 | Firm News, medical malpractice

A spring 2017 evaluation by the national investigative research firm Leapfrog Group resulted in good news for six of Chicago’s hospitals. They received the organization’s distinguished honor of having each received an “A” with respect to patient safety.

Among the area hospitals this highest score, they include the Presence Saints Mary and Elizabeth, Presence Resurrection, University of Chicago, the Rush University Medical Center, Presence St. Joseph Hospital and St. Anthony Hospital. Of the 113 hospitals ranked throughout the state, these Chicago-area hospitals are among only 38 hospitals statewide to receive such an honor. With this latest survey, Illinois ranked 23rd nationwide, down from its 15th place ranking back in October of 2016.

The nonprofit research firm, which evaluates some 2,600 hospitals nationwide, assesses patient safety ratings based on how hospitals perform with respect to 30 distinct patient safety indicators. Among these, infection risk and surgical errors are two predominate themes.

In the five years that Leafrog has been publishing its Hospital Safety Guide, both the University of Chicago and Rush University Medical Centers have consistently passed their evaluation with a grade of “A”. Only 61 other hospitals nationwide can make that claim.

As for why Leapfrog initiated its patient safety evaluation program some years ago, it did so because it realized many hospitals fail to meet patient safety standards. In fact, according to their own statistics, unsanitary facilities and medical errors are seen as claiming some 206,000 lives annually in this county. It maintains these deaths are all avoidable.

While medical errors and rates of infection among patients may trending downward in many of Chicago’s hospitals as referenced above, these rankings don’t take into account the type of patient care administered by private practice physicians and other medical providers on a daily basis. As a result, many instances of patient misdiagnosis, untreated infections or procedures that are improperly performed occur each year.

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