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Illinois hospital seeks dismissal of mom’s malpractice lawsuit

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2017 | Firm News, medical malpractice

A St. Clair County hospital that had previously been sued for alleged medical malpractice filed a request on March 21 seeking to have a lawsuit filed against it dismissed. The request was made on the grounds that the plaintiff’s lawsuit was not filed along with the proper attorney affidavit, a requirement under the Healing Arts portion of the Illinois Malpractice Act.

The plaintiff accuses Protestant Memorial Medical Center and one of its physicians of failing to provide a timely intervention during the delivery of the plaintiff’s baby when he appeared to be under distress. She not only maintains that the hospital and her doctor failed to provide necessary monitoring of her son’s medical state during the delivery, but failed to render prompt medical attention to her son once it was evident that his condition was worsening as well.

In the woman’s claim, she chronicles how the defendant physician saw her on various occasions for prenatal care while pregnant with her son. Despite his familiarity with the woman’s medical history and pregnancy, when present during her labor and delivery on in Oct. 2011.

She alleges that her doctor also failed to take any measures to intervene in helping progress her childbirth. It’s believed that the permanent injuries her son sustained resulted from his failure to act accordingly.

The plaintiff is currently seeking $50,000 in damages. A judge has yet to rule on the hospital’s request to dismiss the woman’s lawsuit.

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