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Can A Bag Of Chips Stop Drunk Driving Accidents?

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2017 | Firm News, motor vehicle accidents

So much has been done to deter people from getting drunk and getting behind the wheel. Billboards. Public service announcements. Education programs. Of course, it is also illegal, and the penalties are steep. Still, people continue to drink and drive, resulting in many serious motor vehicle accidents every year.

What more can be done? Perhaps a bag of chips that displays a light-up message not to drink and drive if it detects alcohol on your breath?

The Party Safe Tostitos Bag

According to an article from the Chicago Tribune, Frito-Lay has introduced this limited-edition bag of Tostitos chips specifically for Super Bowl Sunday. This may sound like a gimmick, but the company’s goals are lofty. It wants to keep 25,000 drunk drivers off the road on game day.

The bag has a sensor that detects alcohol on the breath. If alcohol is detected, the bag has a light up sign with a simple message: Don’t drink and drive. Furthermore, a quick tap to the bag with a smartphone will request a ride from Uber.

What If It Does Not Work?

This is an interesting new method to stop drinking and driving, but it will be little consolation to those hurt in drunk driving accidents. Victims of these accidents need to know that they may be able to pursue a personal injury claim against the drunk driver to obtain compensation for medical bills and other costs. An experienced attorney can help.