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Communication problems that give way to medical malpractice cases

One of the main reasons we hear about so few medical malpractice cases in the news is due to the fact that most cases are settled outside of court. In fact, only 7 percent of all cases actually ever make it in front of a jury. In cases in which they do, doctors risk having their wrongdoing exposed to the public. This can have a significant impact on their reputations and ability to earn a living.

If you were to learn of the reasons malpractice cases get filed, you might would be surprised. A doctor failing to communicate effectively with his or her patient is one of the primary reasons that patients ultimately end up suing doctors.

Long-term complications of whiplash after a car accident

Whiplash has potential long-term effects. It is often more than simply a soreness in the neck for a few days after a car accident. According to a recent study, whiplash can result in chronic pain for years following an auto collision. Prolonged disability may even occur.

Victims of car accidents should be aware of the possible ongoing complications of sustaining a whiplash injury.

Dental procedures most apt to result in you suing your dentist

When a patient has a dental emergency, such as an impacted tooth, locked jaw or gum pain, it makes it difficult for him or her to think of anything else. That's because it restricts them from participating in many everyday functional tasks such as talking or eating. While, ideally as patients, we want to be able to get a quick fix for what ails us, when it comes to dental procedures, there's a lot that can go wrong in trying to do so.

As for dentists, perhaps one of the most common reasons they are sued for malpractice centers around extractions. Whether they are sued because they perforate their patient's sinuses, fail to properly sterilize the surgical area or fail to educate the patient about wound care, each of these can result in infection, and ultimately a lawsuit for malpractice.

Pub crawl bars are sued for negligence in drunk driver's death

For many young professionals who live in Chicago, they relish the ability to take Metra between pub crawl stops instead of driving themselves. Unfortunately though, what was slated to be another fun Saturday night in February resulted in tragedy. That night, a 28-year-old man crashed into another car on his way home, killing both himself and a 68-year-old in the process.

In most cases like this, the victim's family would file a wrongful death lawsuit against the drunk driver and his or her estate. In this one, though, they've instead decided to also sue three McHenry County bars that they believe overserved the man and his friends earlier that night.

An off-duty Chicago police officer strikes, kills woman

A Chicago mother is looking for answers as to why her daughter's car was struck in a fatal car crash on Tuesday, June 27, 2017. The accident, which occurred at the intersection of Roosevelt and Kostner, involved the woman's daughter and an off-duty Chicago police officer.

Surveillance video from along the path that the officer's high powered Jeep is seen speeding along shows him being followed by officers in patrol cars. Their lights can be seen flashing as they pursue him. A police spokesperson has come out and said that officers had begun following the vehicle after it was reported that a SUV matching the description of the officer's had been involved in a carjacking.

Car accidents cause spinal cord injuries

Car accidents are one of the leading causes of spinal cord injuries. These injuries can significantly impact the lives of victims. The medical expenses alone can be devastating. Such an injury may lead to paralysis and other permanent health problems. If you recently got into a car accident, it is important to figure out if you have a spinal cord injury

Seeking medical attention is the crucial first step. However, you can keep reading to learn about the symptoms of a spinal cord injury, potential complications and what compensation you may be able to recover.

Lexington Health Care of Orland Park sued for resident's death

A Chicago woman recently filed a lawsuit against Lexington Health Care Center in Orland Park for injuries her male relative received while residing at the nursing home. She alleges that the man's fatal injuries resulted from a fall that took place while the man resided at the facility. She also claims that his death could have been avoided had the nursing home's staff provided the man with proper care.

The plaintiff is listed as being the special administrator of the deceased's estate. She filed the lawsuit with the Cook County Circuit Court clerk on May 23, 2017.

Women sues anesthesiologist over inappropriate dosage of sedative

A Cook County, Illinois, woman has filed a lawsuit against her anesthesiologist. She alleges that he administered an inappropriate dose of a sedative prior to her undergoing shoulder surgery.

The lawsuit was filed on Monday, May 8, 2017 against the woman's doctor, his employer, Continental Anesthesia, Ltd. and its management company, RM Anesthesia LLC, in Cook County Circuit Court.

Lake County judge upholds judgment in Six Flags injury case

A woman who was left with a severely disfigured hand after riding the Wahoo Racer while visiting Six Flags' Hurricane Harbor Water Park in Gurnee, Illinois, had her a $1.5 million judgment upheld on Wednesday, May 31, 2017. The theme park's attorneys had previously argued that the woman's own lack of attentiveness had been to blame for her July 2011 injury.

The woman suffered cuts to her hands, wrists and right ankle as she slid down the water slide at the park in 2011. As she landed in the pool at the base of the slide, she noted that the water was full of blood. She was taken tho the hospital where she had surgery on the tendons on her left hand. Three of her fingers could no longer be moved once it was finished.

The mother of a teen killed in car crash sues 2 Chicago cities

The mother of a 13-year-old girl who was killed as Hammond and East Chicago Police Officers engaged in a high-speed chase cites their negligence as the reason for her daughter's wrongful death. That same Feb. 15, 2017 accident resulted in the woman's mother suffering debilitating injuries as well.

A police chase had been initiated earlier that same day after a female was reported as having shoplifted beer from the store Strack and Van Til. After stealing the product, she is alleged to have entered an awaiting Dodge Durango driven by a male accomplice.

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