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Why Thanksgiving can be a dangerous holiday

For many people, the thought of Thanksgiving conjures memories of satisfying food, deep naps, good football and stimulating conversation with friends and family members.

For other people, though, Thanksgiving has been a holiday that resulted in personal injuries. Here are some ways in which this could happen to anyone.

Depression among nurses shown to increase medical errors

A new study, published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine by researchers at Ohio State University, suggests that nurses' poor health may increase the risk of a patient suffering a medical error.

Researchers working on the study, which was just published at the end of October, polled just under 1,800 nurses nationwide in order to try to gain a better perspective about health concerns they may have. They found that at least half of them reported to be of less than optimal mental or physical health themselves.

A Chicago jury awards $140 million to a heart attack victim

A civil trial against the Chicago-based pharmaceutical manufacturer AbbVie resulted in a federal jury awarding a Collierville, Tennessee man $140 million on Thursday, October 5th.

At trial, the plaintiff had accused AbbVie of focusing their marketing efforts solely on AndroGel. They allege that the company championed the medication's ability to cure a patient's low energy and libido. As much as these efforts talked up what the drug could cure, they minimized any discussion of potential life-threatening cardiovascular risks, e.g., stroke or heart attack, it posed.

Reasons medical errors impact 20 percent of Americans

A September 27th report, released by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement in conjunction with the National Patient Safety Foundation, shows that 20 percent of all Americans have been medical error victims. A survey of just over 2,500 randomly chosen respondents also showed that even for those who haven't been directly affected by a medical error incident, nearly one-third reported having known someone who has been.

When probed for more information regarding the circumstances surrounding their personal experiences with medical errors, most respondents described their injury as a diagnostic error. A significant number of respondents also disclosed that the errors occurred in their physician's office or in an urgent care facility or emergency room.

A lawsuit is filed against Steger police for a 2016 injury crash

A woman filed an injury lawsuit against the Steger Police Department in Cook County on Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2017.

In her lawsuit, the woman chronicles how she had the right of way as she proceeded through the Steger and Chicago roads intersection on May 1, 2016. As she entered the intersection, she alleges that one of the village's police officers ran a red light before striking her car dead center.

What birth injuries are and what causes them

The mother's health is not the only person's put at risk during childbirth. Instead, the baby is exposed to just as much, if not more, risk of injury or death than their mother is. In fact, each year in the United States, as many as five out of every 1,000 babies born here suffer a birth injury.

Birth injuries are any instances in which a baby is harmed physically, internally or psychologically during childbirth. They generally happen in one of two different instances.

When your doctor's negligence leads to birth injury

Having a baby is usually a joyful time, but it is called labor for a reason. Sometimes mothers and babies experience trauma during labor and delivery due to risk factors that are no one's fault. Babies may inherit diseases or mothers develop health conditions that impact the birth.

However, sometimes the health care provider is responsible for the injuries of a newborn or mother. When your doctor or other healthcare providers have not done due diligence in keeping you and your baby safe, they have committed medical malpractice. These are some of the ways in which medical negligence can lead to severe birth injuries.

Psychiatrists: Some examples of malpractice they engage in

Although we hear a lot more in the media about the filing of malpractice lawsuits against surgeons and general physicians, just as many are reportedly filed against psychiatrists as any other doctor.

Established guidelines generally require psychiatrists to conduct an assessment to determine whether their patients are suicidal. However, they oftentimes fail to do so. Not too long thereafter, a patient commits suicide.

2 FedEx drivers lose their lives in a firey crash along I-80

Two FedEx employees died after being struck by a third trucker along I-80 near Joliet early in the morning on Tuesday, Sept. 26.

One of the FedEx drivers had pulled over onto the roadway's right shoulder earlier that morning after his truck began experiencing mechanical problems. It wasn't too long after a second FedEx driver arrived on the scene to render assistance that a third trucker, a 48-year-old male with West Side Transport, veered onto the shoulder, striking the two FedEx trucks in the process.

Nurses can now treat patients without doctor oversight in Ilinois

If you've gone to gotten sick in the past few years, then there's a strong likelihood that you've actually been treated by a nurse practitioner (NP) instead of a physician. However, if you haven't, then there's a strong likelihood that you soon will be thanks to a new law that was passed in Illinois on Sept. 20. It now allows some nurses to treat patients in lieu of doctors.

The state's new Nurse Practice Act was signed into law by Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner that day. It entitles as many as 13,000 of the state's nurses the ability to not just see and diagnose patients, but write them prescriptions as well. While the new law places restrictions on the types of drugs they're allowed to prescribe, the nurses are largely able to practice medicine without any physician oversight.

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