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Woman attributes her burnt skin to improper dosage of Lamictal

A 26-year-old Atlanta woman has filed a lawsuit against pharmaceutical manufacturer Glaxo Smith Kline for not having fully disclosed all the risks associated with taking the drug Lamictal. She asserts that the lack of proper labeling of the drug prescribed by her doctor ultimately resulted in unsightly and painful sensitive skin patches all about her body.

The woman's dilemma began three years ago when she visited her doctor complaining of symptoms of depression. Her doctor at the time prescribed her Lamictal, an anti-seizure medication that is also used to treat some cases of bipolar disorder.

Is driving drowsy as bad as driving drunk?

Maybe you are driving back from work late at night, pushing through the last leg of a road trip or just heading home from a friend’s house with little to no sleep. No matter the situation, the reality is that you are driving while drowsy, and this may be as dangerous as driving drunk.

A driver who has been awake for 18 hours straight may have the same impairment as a driver who has a .05 blood alcohol level, when .08 is the legal limit in most states. If a driver has been awake for a full day, it is almost equivalent to driving with a blood alcohol level of .10. This highlights the fact that driving while drowsy may be as risky and unsafe as driving under the influence.

Girl wins $23.1 million in Cook County medical malpractice case

The judge presiding over a medical malpractice case involving a 5-year-old Cook County, Illinois, girl awarded her and her family $23.1 million on Monday, May 9, 2017. It's believed a significant portion of this amount will be necessary to provide ongoing care for the young girl who suffered significant health problems because of complications during her birth.

In the Circuit Court judge's ruling, she outlined how the evidence presented by both parties in the case showed negligence on behalf of the child's neonatologist. He treated the young girl following her birth at Palos Community Hospital on June 21, 2011.

Alleged negligence in paralysis case goes to trial August 10

A 26-year-old woman who dreamed of becoming a dance teacher was dealt a life-changing blow in August of 2015. A 750 pound awning at Chicago's O'Hare airport fell on her during a thunder storm.

While the woman survived, she was left paralyzed. She has since filed a wrongful conduct lawsuit against both the City of Chicago and its Aviation Department. The case goes in front of a judge on Aug. 10, 2017.

6 Chicago hospitals receive an 'A' in terms of patient safety

A spring 2017 evaluation by the national investigative research firm Leapfrog Group resulted in good news for six of Chicago's hospitals. They received the organization's distinguished honor of having each received an "A" with respect to patient safety.

Among the area hospitals this highest score, they include the Presence Saints Mary and Elizabeth, Presence Resurrection, University of Chicago, the Rush University Medical Center, Presence St. Joseph Hospital and St. Anthony Hospital. Of the 113 hospitals ranked throughout the state, these Chicago-area hospitals are among only 38 hospitals statewide to receive such an honor. With this latest survey, Illinois ranked 23rd nationwide, down from its 15th place ranking back in October of 2016.

How to file an injury case against the city of Chicago

When it comes to injuries suffered on its property, the city of Chicago is subject to the Immunity Act, a law that specifies that neither the government itself nor any one of its employees can be sued while carrying out everyday tasks related to their jobs. At the same time, government entities are responsible for ensuring that their actions are not seen as being either unreasonable or negligent as well.

If you've been injured in Chicago, one of the first things that's important to determine is whether the area in which you were injured was under the jurisdiction of the city or someone else. Among the many different city-run operations that they are not only responsible for cleaning, but keeping safe from hazardous conditions as well, there is City Hall, sidewalks, parking garages and lots, parks, buses and streets.

When to seek a second medical opinion

When it comes to people you trust, your medical caregivers probably fall somewhere near the top of that list. Because medical professionals undergo extensive training and education to get where they are, it is not uncommon to take them at their word, and in many cases, no harm is caused in doing so.

Doctors, however, are only human, and they, too, make mistakes. There are several situations in which you may be wise to follow your gut instinct about your health. Doing so may involve consulting a second physician to see if his or her diagnosis or recommended method of treatment closely aligns with that of the first, and you may find it beneficial to do so if:

Illinois hospital seeks dismissal of mom's malpractice lawsuit

A St. Clair County hospital that had previously been sued for alleged medical malpractice filed a request on March 21 seeking to have a lawsuit filed against it dismissed. The request was made on the grounds that the plaintiff's lawsuit was not filed along with the proper attorney affidavit, a requirement under the Healing Arts portion of the Illinois Malpractice Act.

The plaintiff accuses Protestant Memorial Medical Center and one of its physicians of failing to provide a timely intervention during the delivery of the plaintiff's baby when he appeared to be under distress. She not only maintains that the hospital and her doctor failed to provide necessary monitoring of her son's medical state during the delivery, but failed to render prompt medical attention to her son once it was evident that his condition was worsening as well.

Medical malpractice filings decrease, although payments increase

While a recent Harvard study of medical malpractice claims across the United States shows at least a 56 percent decline in the amount of filings between the years of 1992 and 2014, the payout amount on those claims has significantly risen. While the average settlement between 1992 and 1996 was shown to be $287,000, in the period between 2009 and 2014, that same rate reached as high as $353,000.

Two types of law reforms that have been passed in recent years are thought to have had the greatest impact on these statistics. One of these considerations involves the signing of laws intended to limit the amount of damages one can claim as part of a lawsuit. It is argued that this impacts an attorney's ability to take on such a complex and financially taxing case.

Nursing home sued after woman falls while visiting mom

A woman, who alleges she was injured in a slip and fall while visiting her mother at the Glen Elston Nursing and Rehab Center in Chicago on June 27, 2015, has filed a lawsuit against the assisted living facility. The lawsuit that was filed with the clerk of courts on March 9, 2017 seeks damages for the injuries she alleges she suffered as a result of a slip and fall on the facility's premises.

In her complaint, she alleges that she slipped on soapy water that had accumulated on one of the facility's floor. She maintains that staff not only had failed to properly clean up the soapy water that ultimately resulted in her injuries, but failed to post any signs warning her of its presence either.

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