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What is a 'never event' and how often do they occur?

Instances in which an incorrect surgical procedure is performed on a patient are referred to as "never events". They're coined as such as a way of emphasizing that they would have never happened if not for some serious safety lapses occurring along the way.

Reasons medical errors impact 20 percent of Americans

A September 27th report, released by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement in conjunction with the National Patient Safety Foundation, shows that 20 percent of all Americans have been medical error victims. A survey of just over 2,500 randomly chosen respondents also showed that even for those who haven't been directly affected by a medical error incident, nearly one-third reported having known someone who has been.

What birth injuries are and what causes them

The mother's health is not the only person's put at risk during childbirth. Instead, the baby is exposed to just as much, if not more, risk of injury or death than their mother is. In fact, each year in the United States, as many as five out of every 1,000 babies born here suffer a birth injury.

Nurses can now treat patients without doctor oversight in Ilinois

If you've gone to gotten sick in the past few years, then there's a strong likelihood that you've actually been treated by a nurse practitioner (NP) instead of a physician. However, if you haven't, then there's a strong likelihood that you soon will be thanks to a new law that was passed in Illinois on Sept. 20. It now allows some nurses to treat patients in lieu of doctors.

Can you sue your chiropractor for malpractice?

Chiropractors, although not medical doctors, may still be sued for injuries a patient suffers at their hands. In most jurisdictions, negligence or liability lawsuits that are filed against chiropractors are no different than ones filed against physicians. They all are classified as falling into a category referred to as medical malpractice.

How poor hearing has been shown to cause many medical errors

A recent study conducted by researchers at Cork School of Medicine suggests that many medical errors may need to be reassessed. They found that doctors are blamed far too often for patients' worsening health conditions when it's really the fault of the patient for not properly following his or her doctor's orders.

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