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Medical misdiagnosis is the leading cause of malpractice claims

A recent report, released just this month by a the health-oriented liability insurance provider Coverys, sheds light on the circumstances that lead to most medical malpractice lawsuits being filed. At least one-third of such claims filed are over misdiagnoses.

A teen is diagnosed with the flu; turns out he has cancer

This cold and flu season has been deadly. There have been countless stories circulating in recent months about individuals either being misdiagnosed or receiving delayed diagnoses, resulting in their deaths. A recent story out of Florida is perhaps one of the most shocking of all misdiagnosis cases yet though.

AbbVie wins a medical malpractice lawsuit, others on appeal

The north-Chicago drug manufacturer AbbVie recently won one small victory in one medical malpractice case. The lawsuit involving its low-testosterone drug AndroGel was resolved in late January. A jury concluded that one 72-year-old plaintiff's pulmonary embolism was not caused by the drug. This one success falls short from absolving them of all negligence, however.

What are the most commonly misdiagnosed cancers confused for?

Data released by The Health Foundation suggests that at least one in every 20 American adults will be affected by a diagnostic error during their lifetime. Another study, published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, suggests that every American will be faced with dealing with a single misdiagnosis during the course of his or her life.

Does doctor negligence contribute to high maternal death rates?

It's estimated that there are as many as 4 million women who experience an uneventful birthing process in the United States on an annual basis. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), though, for another 50,000, it's quite the opposite. At least 135 new moms or pregnant women experience potentially deadly complications in this country every day.

What is a 'never event' and how often do they occur?

Instances in which an incorrect surgical procedure is performed on a patient are referred to as "never events". They're coined as such as a way of emphasizing that they would have never happened if not for some serious safety lapses occurring along the way.

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