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“Patient dumping” victimizes vulnerable patients

When you or a loved one visit the emergency room, you expect quality care. You would also expect that when it is time for your discharge, the medical staff would make sure you had a safe ride home or a place to go. Unfortunately, this is not always the case for those who visit hospitals in Illinois and elsewhere. A recent story has brought the seldom-heard-about issue of “patient dumping” to the public’s awareness.

Recognizing common winter driving hazards

Now that winter is here, you might be among many Illinois residents who worry about the kind of weather we will face this season. This might be especially true if you were in a car accident or a close call last year. Winter is the most dangerous time of year for drivers in states where it snows, because of slippery road conditions and poor visibility. You can significantly cut your risk of a weather-related crash this winter by knowing what to expect and how to drive in adverse conditions.

Why skin cancer is overlooked and misdiagnosed

The most common form of cancer in the United States happens to be skin cancer. This is enough information to know it is a serious problem. Unfortunately, doctors often overlook or misdiagnose skin cancer. Doctors and patients can both look over a mole and not take it seriously. This can result in devastating consequences because early diagnosis and treatment are important.

Car accidents cause spinal cord injuries

Car accidents are one of the leading causes of spinal cord injuries. These injuries can significantly impact the lives of victims. The medical expenses alone can be devastating. Such an injury may lead to paralysis and other permanent health problems. If you recently got into a car accident, it is important to figure out if you have a spinal cord injury

Is driving drowsy as bad as driving drunk?

Maybe you are driving back from work late at night, pushing through the last leg of a road trip or just heading home from a friend’s house with little to no sleep. No matter the situation, the reality is that you are driving while drowsy, and this may be as dangerous as driving drunk.

When to seek a second medical opinion

When it comes to people you trust, your medical caregivers probably fall somewhere near the top of that list. Because medical professionals undergo extensive training and education to get where they are, it is not uncommon to take them at their word, and in many cases, no harm is caused in doing so.

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