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Can I have broken bones without knowing it?

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2023 | motor vehicle accidents

At this point, we know that personal injury accidents cause a variety of injuries. What many do not realize is that you could break a bone without even know it. However, there are some pervasive myths about broken bones that drive the point home that you need to see a medical professional after every personal injury accident.

If it moves, it is good, right?

No. Perhaps, the most pervasive myth about broken bones is that if you can move it, it is not broken. However, this is simply not true. There are plenty of fractures that do not immediately affect your ability to move your appendages.

No pain, no break, right?

Again, no. Just because you cannot feel pain does not mean you do not have a broken bone. There are many stories of professional athletes finishing marathons and other sporting events with broken bones without realizing they broke their arms, legs, fingers, etc. This is because small fractures may not cause pain, and adrenaline/shock can cover pain that could eventually fade.

Are there populations more at risk?

Yes. Due to menopause hormonal changes, older women are at an elevated risk of bone density loss and osteoporosis. This can increase their chances of fractures in a Chicago, Illinois, car accident.

The signs of a fracture

Obviously, if you hear or feel a snap, you likely have a fracture. If you can see a bone, have an appendage with a 90-degree bend or have an appendage bent in the wrong direction, you likely have a fracture. These are all obvious signs. The three most common signs of a break are limb deformities, swelling and pain. However, you should go to a medical professional to be checked out after every Chicago, Illinois, motor vehicle car accident. It is better to be safe than have a permanent disability.