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Three types of medical mistakes made in a hospital setting

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2022 | medical malpractice

No one wants to go to the hospital but sometimes it is a necessity. Whether you are admitted to the hospital in Chicago on an emergency basis or your hospital stay is planned as part of your treatment, you expect to receive competent care. However, there are some types of medical mistakes you could be subjected to during your hospital stay.

Medical mistakes in a hospital setting

If you are hospitalized, you could be subjected to medical practices that ultimately harm you or make your condition worse.

For example, a too-short hospital stay can lead to a worsened condition. If you are rushed out of the hospital before it is safe to do so, you could become ill again. You deserve to have your condition addressed in the hospital so you can get the care you need before being sent home.

Surgical mistakes are also common in a hospital setting. For example, the surgeon could operate on the wrong body part or the wrong side of the body. A surgeon could also leave sponges or other medical instruments in your body after a surgical procedure. Surgical mistakes can cause serious internal damage and infection.

If you go to the emergency room, you may have to wait a while before being seen. However, a too-long delay in treatment could lead to a worsened medical condition. For example, a late diagnosis or a misdiagnosis can extend the time it takes to properly address your condition, causing you to become sicker as time goes on.

What can you do if you are subjected to poor hospital care?

If you are subjected to poor hospital care that made your condition worse, it is easy to become discouraged. After all, you trusted the doctors at the hospital to competently treat you and this did not happen. If the doctor’s actions were negligent, you may be able to pursue a medical malpractice lawsuit in order to help you out financially as you attempt to recover from the injuries you suffered.