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A dog attack leaves a Chicago woman with mental, physical scars

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2018 | Firm News, personal injury

Two women suffered severe injuries when they were attacked by dogs while out in their Chicago-area neighborhoods during May.

One instance happened on or around May 9, when a Woodlawn woman was jumped by two dogs while outside of her home. The victim ended up being transported to an area hospital for treatment for undisclosed injuries.

During the penultimate week of May, another woman, this time a resident of North Chicago, was also attacked in her neighborhood after a neighbor’s dog attacked and bit her.

As for the most recent case, the victim states that she was standing outside her home when the dog apparently snapped, hopped up on her and began attacking her.

She claims that the attack left her with several wounds to her face. She also said that the dog bit off a portion of her bottom lip. She notes that the attack happened so fast that she didn’t see it coming. She only realized that some damage had been done once her face and lip starting bleeding.

Within moments of the attack, she was transported to the hospital. She was quickly rolled back into surgery in an attempt to stop the bleeding and repair the damage right away. She then stayed at the hospital overnight to recover.

The victim in this case notes that the attack was quite violent. She notes that she’s still having difficulty coming to terms with what happened physically. Even worse for her, though, is the toll that the attack has taken on her mentally. She contends that she’s traumatized and lives her life now constantly in fear.

She also finds herself struggling to find a way to cover the bills that have built up for doctor’s visits and her hospital stay. The woman’s hopeful that her neighbor’s renters or homeowners insurance will reimburse her for her expenses.

If you’re attacked by a dog, then you should contact police right away to document the incident. You should take time to take photographs of your injuries and the dog and take down contact information for the dog’s owner. You should also report the injury to your local animal control office so that they can track the dog’s behavior.

In learning more about the circumstances leading up to your attack, a Chicago attorney can advise you of your rights to recover damages in your case.

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