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Chicago man wins $20 million settlement for tow truck eye injury

On June 28, 2017, a Chicago jury awarded a tow truck driver $20 million for the loss of his eye due to a manufacturer's defect on his work vehicle. The man had argued that the maker of his 1997 tow truck had failed to equip it with a way to secure its hood in the upright position, a feature that he contended would have ultimately protected him from injury.The man had been driving in the southwest Chicago suburb of Summit on January 23, 2012, when his 1997 tow truck, a Kenworth T-800, began choking on a bitterly cold day. It was as he neared the intersection between 60th Street and Harlem Avenue that he pulled it over on the side of the road.As he raised the hood of the truck in an attempt to diagnose what had gone wrong, a strong gust of wind blew by, causing it to slam shut on his face. When the man saw doctors soon thereafter, he discovered he had not only suffered a number of fractures to his face, but that his right eye had been so severely damaged it would need to be fully removed.At the time of the man's accident, the tow truck's manufacturer, PACCAR, Inc., had not yet begun equipping its fleet with an arm to stabilize the hood while it was open. They argue that this design flaw contributed to the man's injury and justified PACCAR, Inc. in being held accountable for his injuries.

Communication problems that give way to medical malpractice cases

One of the main reasons we hear about so few medical malpractice cases in the news is due to the fact that most cases are settled outside of court. In fact, only 7 percent of all cases actually ever make it in front of a jury. In cases in which they do, doctors risk having their wrongdoing exposed to the public. This can have a significant impact on their reputations and ability to earn a living.

Dental procedures most apt to result in you suing your dentist

When a patient has a dental emergency, such as an impacted tooth, locked jaw or gum pain, it makes it difficult for him or her to think of anything else. That's because it restricts them from participating in many everyday functional tasks such as talking or eating. While, ideally as patients, we want to be able to get a quick fix for what ails us, when it comes to dental procedures, there's a lot that can go wrong in trying to do so.

Pub crawl bars are sued for negligence in drunk driver's death

For many young professionals who live in Chicago, they relish the ability to take Metra between pub crawl stops instead of driving themselves. Unfortunately though, what was slated to be another fun Saturday night in February resulted in tragedy. That night, a 28-year-old man crashed into another car on his way home, killing both himself and a 68-year-old in the process.

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